Welcome to OFF ROAD WISCONSIN, online resource and magazine.  Both are growing towards the plans and ideas created in August of 2019 when with the backing of Fort Fremont we started this project.  Obviously there were changes in the world that affected everything.  Now, with life and outdoor activity somewhat turning back towards normal, even growing, people going out again.  Due to that we received some needed encouragement from some new and some old sponsors, so  we are back at it.  The links are in the process of being updated and new ones being added, there has been a great deal of changeover.  The first online magazine is in the works and we are advertising in Midwest Outdoors Wisconsin section where I have a byline for 32 years.  If you care to read our whole story and if you want to join it’s cheep, just $36.50/ year with a $10 donation back to your local ATV Club  EMAIL ME for information. Clubs and organizations are listed for FREE.